Sharing a document camera in Zoom

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To share a document camera during a Zoom meeting, you can use the Share Screen functionality.  Follow the steps outlined below to share a document camera feed in Zoom:

In a classroom setting

  1. Ensure that the USB cable (attached to the USB hub) is plugged into the PC or laptop that you are presenting from.
  2. For any in-person students, be sure to project the document camera onto the screen based on the classroom technology settings.

In a remote setting

Plug your document camera into your PC or laptop according to the manufacturer's guidelines.  

Share Screen functionality

  1. In the Zoom meeting, click on the green Share Screen button along the bottom of the window.Taskbar in Zoom
  2. Click on Advanced and then select Content from 2nd Camera to begin sharing.
    Advanced menu to select Content from 2nd Camera
  3. Click on the Switch Camera option in the upper left corner of your screen until you see the document camera.


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