Adding Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Captions in Huskycast

Video captions provide viewers with on-screen text of all audio content contained in a video presentation.  Accurate captions benefit all users including those with a hearing challenge, people viewing content in a noisy environment, and English language learners.  Captions also serve as metadata that can be searched to efficiently locate a specific portion of the presentation.

It's important that captions are:

  • Synchronized and appear at about the same time that the audio is presented
  • Equivalent in content to what is available on the audio track (99% accurate)
  • Available to all viewers who need or want to use them

The Panopto-Huskycast system features Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captions, which can serve as a great first step in providing captions in your videos.  These ASR captions are machine generated, and will not be fully accurate or compliant.  A subject expert should review ASR captions and make any corrections to ensure accuracy.  ASR captions require some processing time before they become available in your videos.  To add ASR captions to your videos you must have Creator access in the Panopto-Huskycast platform.

To add Panopto ASR captions in your videos:

  1. Open the video session in the Panopto online editor
  2. Choose the Captions tab from the left side of the editor
  3. Click the Import Captions drop-down menu and select "Import automatic captions"
    Import captions drop-down menu in Panopto online editor
  4. Review captions for accuracy and make any necessary changes in the online editor
  5. Publish your updated captions by clicking the Apply button in the upper right of the online editor.

More information about adding ASR Captions to your Panopto-Huskycast videos is available in this Panopto Knowledge base article or by contacting the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning.



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