Remote instruction configuration with laptop in small classroom

Using Zoom, remote students can join a synchronous face-to-face class.  Some smaller classrooms on campus have been equipped with a ChatAttach 170 in order to allow for the exchange of audio between the face-to-face class and the remote student. The ChatAttach 170 with an active Zoom web-conferencing call from the instructor's laptop will allow in-class and remote students and instructor to communicate with each other. 

View the short demonstration video and/or review the documented steps in the article below:

  1.  Set up your laptop at the instructor station and connect to the Crestron station either with the VGA or HDMI cable.  Select your source on the Crestron station as either HDMI or VGA.
  2. Unplug the ChatAttach 170 cable from the classroom PC and plug it into a USB port on your laptop.
    ChatAttach 170 plugged into USB port on PC
  3. Verify that the LED lights on the ChatAttach 170 are blue.  If the lights are red, this means that the system is muted.  If the system is muted press the mute/unmute button once.
    ChatAttach 170 with blue led lights
  4. Go to and sign in with your Michigan Tech account name and password.  Start your Zoom meeting (class) session.
  5. Select the audio icon in the lower left corner of the Zoom session.  Select the microphone symbol in the lower-left corner and verify that both the Select a Microphone and Select a Speaker are set to: Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Chat 170).
  6. Verify that your laptop screen is projected at the front of the room. To share content with the remote students, select Share from the bottom menu of the Zoom session and then select from the screen options which content you want to share.  If you are using a PowerPoint presentation, it is recommended that you select the PowerPoint presentation instead of sharing desktop.  
  7. If you would like to share content on the document camera, touch to activate the Crestron touch panel and select Doc cam.  Verify that the document camera is being projected at the front of the room.  To share the document camera with the remote students, select Share from the bottom menu of the Zoom session and then select Advanced at the top of the screen and then select Content from 2nd Camera.
    Advanced share options


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