Zoom Meeting Settings

Recurring Meeting

If you are offering your Zoom meeting on a regular basis, this option allows you to use the same meeting link as the meeting repeats.  It is recommended to mark the recurrence option as No fixed time.

Recurring meeting: Select the check box

Recurrence: Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or No Fixed Time

Repeat every: Select every 1-7 days

End date: Select By Date or After 1-7 occurrences

Registration Required

This allows you to have your participants register with their email, name, other questions, and custom questions. You will be able to generate meeting registration reports if you want to download a list of people who registered.

Registration: Select the check box

Select one: Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences, Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend, or Attendees register once and can choose one or more occurrences to attend

Personal Meeting ID

Each Zoom user is given a personal meeting ID that can be used for all your meetings, especially recurring meetings. This allows the convenience of only providing one Zoom link.  If Generate Automatically is selected, each Zoom meeting you create will generate a unique link.

Meeting ID: Select Generate Automatically or Personal Meeting ID

Host and Participant Video

This option allows you to choose whether to have the Host and Participant video on or off when joining a meeting. Both the Host and Participant will have the option to start their video once they have entered the session.

Video Host: Select on or off

Video Participant: Select on or off

Meeting Options

Enable join before host

This option allows participants to join the meeting without the host or before the host joins. The meeting will end approximately 40 minutes after three or more participants have joined without a host.

Mute participants upon entry

This option will mute all participants upon entry into the session.  Once inside the session, participants can unmute themselves.

Enable waiting room

This allows the host to control when participants can enter the Zoom session. The host can admit attendees one-by-one or all at once from the waiting room.

Only authenticated users can join

This allows the host to restrict participants to those who are logged into Zoom or whose email address uses a specific domain.

Breakout Room pre-assign

When scheduling a meeting, you can split up your participants into break-out rooms.

Record the meeting automatically

This allows the host to set the meeting to be automatically recorded when the session begins.

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