Uploading Zoom Recordings to Panopto

Most common video formats are accepted, including video and audio files exported from Zoom. Note: Depending on the length of the session, it may take an hour or more for the upload to be processed and become available.

Upload Instructions

  1. Open Panopto using the Huskycast tool in your Canvas course. If you don't see this tool, create one as described in the knowledge base article on creating a Huskycast folder.
  2. In the upper portion of the interface, select Create.
    create button in the upper right hand address bar
  3. Choose Upload media from the drop-down menu.
    upload media shown in dropdown menu after selecting create
  4. In the Upload media window, first choose the desired Huskycast folder from the "Add files to" pulldown menu. Make sure that the correct section and semester are selected for the course chosen. 
    Add to file drop down menu box
  5. To add your file, use either of the following methods:
    1. Drag and drop the file from File Explorer into the designated area.
    2. Click on the image in the center of the window and select the file from the File Explorer pop-up window.
  6. Wait until the upload is complete and the following message appears before closing the window. Closing the window before the upload is finished will result in a warning message.
    Upload complete. You can close this window now.
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