Remove an application from the CloudPaging Player


Instructions for removing applications in the Cloudpaging player as a troubleshooting measure if applications launch slowly, respond inconsistently, or crash unpredictably.


When to do this

If you are low on disk space, applications launch slowly, respond inconsistently, or crash unpredictably, one common troubleshooting step is to remove and re-add the application in Cloudpaging Player. This can often resolve issues in this category. You can also remove applications from the Player in order to avoid cluttering your system or to free up resources for other tasks.


The following procedure assumes you’ve already launched an application through AppsAnywhere.

  1. Open Cloudpaging Player via the taskbar or start menu. You will see a list of applications.
    cloudpaging player window shows applications and buttons for launch, stop, remove, and help.
  2. Stop all running applications either by closing them normally or by choosing the Stop button near the top of the window. To remove an application, select the application(s) you want to remove and choose the Remove button. If you’re experiencing issues with an application, it’s safest to remove all of them.
  3. Re-launch the application you wish to use.



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