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Learn how to enable the live transcript feature for a Zoom meeting.


Currently active faculty, staff, and students have access to paid features with their Michigan Tech Zoom account. Upon leaving the university, your account will switch to a basic plan

Zoom now features an optional live transcript feature in all Michigan Tech accounts. This feature improves accessibility by using speech to text technology to generate and display a real-time audio transcript during a meeting.  Meeting hosts also have the option to allow live transcripts to be saved by meeting attendees by enabling this option in their advanced meeting settings. Using live transcripts is a best practice, but they are not fully accurate and should not be considered as a substitute for manually generated captions that may be required for students or colleagues with a formal accommodation.

How to enable live transcripts

  1. With your Zoom meeting open, select the Live Transcript button in the Zoom toolbar.Select the Live Transcript button
  2. Under Live Transcript, select the Enable Auto-Transcription button.
    Enable Auto-Transcription

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