Using Audio Transcription with Zoom Cloud Recordings


Learn how to make your online meeting more accessible to viewers by enabling audio transcriptions for your Zoom cloud recordings.


Currently active faculty, staff, and students have access to paid features with their Michigan Tech Zoom account. Upon leaving the university, your account will switch to a basic plan

To improve the accessibility of Zoom cloud recordings you can enable the automatic transcription feature in your Zoom profile settings.  Once enabled Zoom automatically generates a transcript file (.vtt text file) and adds it to the list of files for the meeting in the recordings section of your Zoom account once the meeting has ended.  Zoom will also send you email notifications that your cloud recording and audio transcript files are available.  For quick access to these files simply click on the links in the email notification.

These automatically generated transcript files will likely have errors, which can be edited in your Zoom web portal or in a separate text editor.  Once edited for accuracy, these transcript files can be viewed from the closed captions button on the video player.  Providing viewers with accurate transcripts (and captions) makes your content more accessible to all potential users.  This feature is only available for Zoom cloud recordings.

To enable audio transcription for Zoom cloud recordings:

  1. Sign in to your Michigan Tech Zoom account.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced Cloud Recording Settings from the Recording tab
  3. Verify that the Audio Transcript option is enabled, or click to enable it.
  4. Click Save to confirm your settings changes.

Zoom User Settings page showing the box to enable audio transcription of cloud recordings.

 For a detailed overview on enabling audio transcripts and editing and sharing them, please review this Zoom support article.



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