ITSTAFF - Husky Print station “Out of paper” troubleshooting

When customers call about Husky print stations being out of paper, it's is frequently an issue with the improper paper sized being selected or the wrong tray is selected and the printer is not actually out of paper. Please use these steps to verify the print station is actually out of paper before routing the ticket to Operations-Classroom Operations
  • When receiving a call or request about a husky station being out of paper, please check the printer directly before alerting Classroom Operations.
  • First, go to the printers web interface which can be found here
  • Check to see if the printer has paper in its supplies. This information is on the welcome page of the printer's interface. 
    • Here is an example. Below is a zoomed-in view of the paper supplies:

Notification View

Notification View

  • As indicated by the coloring of the tray number, tray 2 is less than half full while tray 3 is full.
  • At this point, we can see that the printer is not actually out of paper, but instead that the customer should be selecting a different paper tray.
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