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Michigan Tech Staff and Faculty Google accounts are required by the University to agree to the use of Android Device Policy to use their account with any Android device. 

The Android Device Policy will:

  • Provide basic information about your phone (serial number, current OS version, WiFi MAC address) to the University. This is part of the base information that Google gathers as soon as you connect with your phone.
  • Allow the University to remotely wipe the device. This allows the IT Security staff to remotely wipe the phone if it is lost or stolen and you can not wipe it yourself.
  • Allow the University to remotely remove the account from the device. This is used if a faculty or staff member were to separate from the University and allows the University to wipe the Gmail, calendar, docs, and contacts while leaving all of the user’s personal information intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I just get prompted to enable this policy?

Prior to November 21, 2019, some faculty and staff that attended or currently attend the University were categorized as either students or alumni. A correction was made that returned current faculty and staff to their appropriate category. 

Is this just for Michigan Tech-owned phones?

No, this applies to any device you choose to use your account with personal or University-owned.

Does this apply to students or alumni?

No, this applies to faculty and staff who are actively employed with the University.

The Android Device Policy says that you can audit my apps, configure PIN/passcodes and configure my wifi. What does that mean, and do you do it?

The Device policy manager does give us the option to turn on settings to monitor applications or install/blacklist applications. It also has an option to allow us to push wireless network settings (eduroam, for example) and enforce PIN/passcodes on devices. We have these options turned off, as we feel that they would be an invasion of privacy. If in the future, someone were to turn one of these options on, your phone would prompt you to accept the change in permissions prior to the change going into effect.

Michigan Tech does not have the ability to track the location, installed applications or application usage, data, photos, etc. on a phone through their linking an Google account.

On an Android phone, you can verify the permissions that are requested at the time of installation (listed below) or by opening the Device Policy app if you have accepted the permissions the clicking on the Policies option in the left side menu. 

  • Device details — These include model number, serial number, current carrier, and phone number, OS version, etc. This does NOT include items like applications on the phone, location, or any usage information.
  • Ability to remotely remove the account from the device This is used if the device is lost and reported to IT.
  • Ability to fully wipe the device — This is only used with the owner's permission to wipe a device that they believe has been stolen or irrecoverably lost. For some Android devices that support work profiles (such as Samsung phones), this ability is limited to the contents of the work profile and does not affect the rest of the phone.

Is there a way to use my account on my phone without agreeing to the policy?

You can use your web browser on your Android device to log in to the Gmail website to access your email without being affected by this policy.

Why does this only affect Android users?

Android uses the Android Device Policy manager to enforce these devices. Apple has a similar capability that is enabled for any iOS device connected to Michigan Tech's Google accounts, but it does not prompt the users.

My device has gone missing or has been stolen. How do I report it so it can be wiped?

First, make sure you report the stolen or missing device to Public Safety and Police Services at 906-487-2216.  Public Safety and Police Services will then contact Information Technology on your behalf, or you can contact us directly by calling 906-487-1111 or by emailing

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