AppsAnywhere FAQ

AppsAnywhere is only available on Windows labs computers. It is not available for personal, department, or graduate computers at this time.

What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere makes software available to Windows computers through its web-based Application Catalog.

Why is AppsAnywhere being used?

AppsAnywhere will improve your computer lab experience. It maintains software availability without allocating system resources for software applications you don't need. It also allows Michigan Tech IT to efficiently update programs.

Where is AppsAnywhere going to be available?

AppsAnywhere is available in Windows computer labs across campus. See a full list on our computer labs page

How it is different?

AppsAnywhere allows us to make software available on computers without the need to pre-install it. Computers running AppsAnywhere will access and launch software from rather than locally from the Windows Start menu.

Can I install AppsAnywhere on my personal or office computer?

No. AppsAnywhere is currently only available in the Michigan Tech Windows computer labs. Please let Michigan Tech IT know if you are interested in AppsAnywhere becoming available anywhere else on campus. If you need a particular program installed on your personal or office computer, we recommend contacting IT for assistance at or calling 7-1111.

How does AppsAnywhere work?

AppsAnywhere utilizes app streaming via CloudPaging software to quickly deliver applications over the network. For more information on AppsAnywhere, check out the Software 2 website: For technical information on CloudPaging, check out the Numecent website:

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