Creating Favorites in AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere is only available on Windows labs computers. It is not available for personal, department, or graduate computers at this time.

AppsAnywhere allows applications to be saved, or created as favorites, allowing them to be displayed conveniently. To view your favorites, select the Favourites tab on the top bar. This will apply a filter to display only favorited applications.

view of AppsAnywhere window with Favourites tab highlighted

When hovering over an application in the AppsAnywhere application catalog, there will be a star icon on the top right of the application icon. A grey star signifies an application that has not been favorited, while a gold star signifies one that is saved as a favorite.

Application not favorite indicated by gray starApplication favorited indicated by yellow star

To favorite an application, select the star icon. The grey star should now appear gold and the application will be added to your favorites. To remove an application from your favorites, select the gold star. It will turn grey and no longer show in Favourites. Alternatively, applications can be favorited or removed from your favorites from the More Information section.

More info page indicates application is not in favorites by grayed add to favorites button

Application is in favorites indicated by yellow favorites button

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