AppsAnywhere Application Information

AppsAnywhere is only available on Windows labs computers. It is not available for personal, department, or graduate computers at this time.

Each application in the AppsAnywhere application catalog has a section for More Information about the application. In this section, there are three tabs:

  • App Details
  • Delivery Methods
  • Regions

Application information page

App Details

The App Details section outlines information about the application. You'll find:

  • App vendor
  • App description
  • App categories

Delivery Methods

This section outlines the ways in which the application can be deployed to your system. Here you can find a brief description of how delivery methods work, any restrictions for where the app can be installed, and on which operating systems the app can be installed.


This section outlines the countries for which the application is available. If you have questions regarding the regional availability of software, please consult this section or contact with any questions.

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