Digital converter box recommendations

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Michigan Tech's digital cable system requires a television with a QAM tuner. Most TVs produced since 2007 should have a QAM compatible tuner built in.

If your television does not have a QAM tuner, you can choose to either update your television or purchase a digital conversion box.  Please ensure that the digital conversion box you purchase does include a QAM tuner

Below is the list of digital converter boxes that our cable provider recommends for use in the campus residences by residents whose TV is not QAM compatible. These converters can be purchased from many online retailers like Amazon, NewEgg, etc.

The following list is recommended by Apogee, our cable provider. Other models are available at a lower cost.

  • ZeeVee Sync QAM Tuner MFG #: ZVSYNC-NA
  • Pico Digital HD2.1-MFG#: HD-2.1
  • Pico Digital STB-CB set top box
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