Cable TV channels available on campus

View the list of available TV channels, which is also a file attached to this article.

If you'd like to view a listing of current TV programs, our cable provider Apogee recommends the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Change Provider or Time Zone.
  3. Enter your zip code (49931 for Michigan Tech's Houghton campus)
  4. Select the link for your location. This is MTU Cable - Digital (Houghton) for our on-campus Digital Cable.

Locating your connection

Depending upon where you live, your cable/coax connection can be located in a different place.  

  • In Wadsworth Hall, the connection is located by the door.
  • In DHH and McNair, the connection is located on the bottom side of the network connection box.
  • In Hillside, the connection is located with the network connection box.
  • In Daniel Heights, the connection in the living room, usually next to the main door.

Refer to the Television category our knowledge base for more information.

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