Making an appointment with Michigan Tech IT

Our new system makes it easy to reserve a time to have Michigan Tech IT deploy your new computers, accessories, and technology hardware.

How it works

When Michigan Tech IT is ready to deploy your equipment, you will receive an email like the one below. It will contain a link to the Google Appointment Calendar (see below). Select the link in the email to open the Appointment Calendar.

Note: It is important to note the Request ID, or ticket number, enclosed in ## symbols in the email subject line. You will need this number later.

Request ID can be found in body of email

The interface below shows open appointments times as buttons labeled “IT Appointment.” Your personal calendar events are also added to this view to avoid any appointment conflicts.

calendar view

Select an appointment time to reserve it. You can use the blue arrows in the top left to change weeks.

Upon selecting a time, a menu below will pop up to book an appointment.

Enter your information like the example highlighted in yellow.

  • Allow at least two (2) business hours before an appointment
  • Make sure that that the date and time you pick is in the future (ahead of the red line in the calendar view).
  • Include the ticket number, which is in the subject line of your emails from Michigan Tech IT between the ## symbols.
  • Do not need to change the "What" field. Michigan Tech IT will do this when we confirm your appointment and assign a technician.

Please read and fill out all the required information in the Description box. You may need to scroll down to see all the information. Please include:

  • Your ticket number from the subject line of the email
  • Building and office location
  • Name
  • Phone number 
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