Home Directories, Departmental File Shares, and other Network Storage

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Accessing a Specific Shared Drive or Home Drive on a Mac

Instructions on how to connect to a specific network drive or home drive on a Mac

Accessing your H Drive using SFTP

Access H Drive Via SFTP

Connecting to Multidrive on a Mac

Instructions for connecting to Multidrive on a Mac computer.

Connecting to your M:\drive from an Off-Domain Windows 10 computer

How to connect to the Multidrive from a personal machine or an off-domain computer

Course-Based Repository (Multidrive share)

Course Based Multidrive ( M Drive ) Information

Drive Letters Explained

What the drive letters (like M:\ and H:\) refer to

How to request a multidrive share

Steps for requesting a Multidrive

Managing your Home Directory Usage

How to Manage your Home Directory Quota

Restoring a File on an On-domain Red Hat Linux Computer

Instructions for restoring files on an On Domain Red-Hat Linux Computer

Restoring a File on an On-Domain Windows Computer

Instructions on how to restore a file on an On Domain Windows Computer